Sunday, 28 December 2014

Best Asian teas: Formocha

In the center of Amsterdam a beautiful tiny shop is found, wedged between the old 17th century buildings, and hidden from the loads of tourists hanging out in the city center.

High Quality Organic Asian Tea

This shop is a real treasure of the city of Amsterdam and one of my favorite places to go. The owner is a Chinese woman, with far reaching knowledge of tea, raised in a family dedicated to tea culture. She selected the most beautiful organic Asian teas, such as the beautiful Japanese gyokuro. 

Gyokuro and other varieties

Gyokuro is one of the most delicate and expensive tea varieties in Japan. This tea is grown under dark mats and/or nets, as soon as the first buds appear. The tea is harvested in May every year, and only the most tender leaves are picked. This tea has a superb delicate taste, and a wonderful bright color.

The shop also sells fermented and half-fermented teas. I bought one from the province of Shandong, China. It has no name because it's from a very small area, specialized in just this tea. The tea was harvested this autumn. 

Seasonal harvests

One of the aspects I really love about this shop and its owner is its seasonal character. All teas are sold in the right season, never kept too long, resulting in an optimal taste.  


The name of the shop is Formocha, named after the beautiful island of Taiwan, known as Formosa with the s substituted for "ch" referring to the Chinese word for tea "cha"). You can find the address details below.

Brouwersgracht 282